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MBE is a fusion of Travel, Art, Design, Celebration and style for all. After 20 years of learning from some of the most creative minds in the industry, my dream is finally coming to fruition.  So many of you have played an integral part of my fondest memories and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you the new ones that are to come. I invite you to celebrate with us as we pop the cork and  throw confetti in the air because  MBE has arrived!   

   At a young and ambitious 18 years of age, I was blessed to start my career with American Airlines. Having the strength and endurance of the young and driven, I embarked upon my professional and academic career simultaneously. I enrolled at New York Institute of Technology with my eyes set to becoming an Architect in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. I was constantly inspired and humbled by the beauty of Central Park just outside my window and I have never forgotten how in awe I was that such a simple space could transform in so many ways and bring joy to so many people. As wisdom comes with age, I've endeavored to view my work through a similar window and consistently strive to create memories that will stay with my clients as vividly and fondly as this one has with me. The travel Industry is my blood, architecture will always be my inspiration and age has provided me with the courage to close the door on an unforgettable chapter in my life. I am flinging open new windows and I am looking  forward to the view.

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Michelle does not believe in preset menus,  share your vision with us and we will make certain that all you desire become a reality.  Our goal is to surpass your dreams. 


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